Now my riverbed has dried, shall I find no other?

Woke up feeling too cute for Northeast London, so I took myself to Suffolk with my poodle hair and iridescent sequin sneakers to spread some glamour.

In other words, I drove 100 kilometers to buy sausage rolls.

But it’s not just any sausage roll. These are Pump Street Bakery’s sausage rolls. It is an artisan bakery located in the beautiful village of Orford in Suffolk – which in addition to being a top bakery also provides the visitors with riverside prettiness and a castle.

Quick stop at Butley’s Oyster Inn for a cider; actually I just wanted to pee, but these potato chips happened (and matched color with the drinks). Note to self: next time I order sweet potato fries must remember that because they are sweet they go better with mayo instead of ketchup.

At home we dined on our Pump Street shopping. That was my quiche and base was so incredibly light and tasty. Bacon would have improved the experience, but that area of ​​Suffolk is a middle-aged hipster’s paradise so you gotta keep a vegetarian percentage on the shelves. I’m fine with that.