Stretches of seas apart.

“When you’re alone most of your life, you wonder if you’re capable of such loves that sound like they are made of silliness and magic. But our lifelong friendship is always pulling me back. And my slow journey back to him is what defines this kind of quiet love that shapes, for me, the very best friendships.

The true loves in my life have always been hard to describe, and so very often, I don’t say much out loud. A squeeze of a hand or a wink from me feels like I’m climbing a mountain. But the things that are left unsaid are the things that have mattered most. The dear friends of mine know how much I love them and, stretches of seas apart, I feel it too.”

(“A Dear Friend”, by Crissy Van Meter)

Gray, dull, wet, cozy, lovely.

Many people don’t like to have birthdays in winter. As for me, equatorial summer baby, now in my element after decades of sweating on the fourteenth day of the year, I couldn’t be more at home. January is an almost universally detested month here. And now it’s one of my favorites. Coffee, Wilko’s pick and mix, scented candles, new mobile phone, pretty books, dirty mirrors, red manicure. Bring on the cake tomorrow. And maybe a little more rain.