Lockdown Town.

Last month saw my first foray into zone 1 since march; four months only going out to hunt for toilet paper and alcohol 70%. Non essential shops had received the green light to open but most people were still working from home. The streets were empty enough to give a desolate, post-apocalyptic vibe to one of the most populated supercities on the planet. Had my first coffee out of the  house and it was good. The tart was a mistake; I am always falling for the most flashy sweet trap. Should have gone for a croissant instead.

It was nice to be able to prance about not bumping into people or dodging pushchairs, take pictures free of white vans and not to feel overwhelmed and rushed by the crowds. But the city needs workers, shoppers and tourists to thrive; without people breathing life into its crowded arteries, it withers and die.

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