Before the rain.

Wine, cheese and a stroll around Bloomsbury on a moody monday before a trip (perhaps I should’ve been packing instead). My laptop would die a horrible death later that day, but at that moment I was enjoying the last dry afternoon in town before biblical rains descended, sitting at Noble Rot tasting wine I had never even heard about but quite liked, listening to the distant sound of traffic and noticing that the girl in the camel coat + bottle green bag waiting for her date was matching the colour scheme on the background. Cool trick, lady.

This day is an invitation.

And it’s just for you. You’ve got a reservation for the 17th of June.
Open your eyes and let the Sun break in for a while; there may be something
that you’ve never seen inside.
Feel how your heart beats like a heavy machine, the sound of the traffic like a silent dream.

Lunch date at the favourite lebanese followed by a long walk in one of the last beautiful days of the autumn before it became wet and windy.