When I think about this life with you.

Saved a tiny geranium cut from the compost bin and it’s thriving. The joy it brings me. ♥ Saved a few branches from a pruning session and decided to put them into vases; the small variegated leaves are making a few corners of my home look prettier. In the meantime we drink Fortnum and Mason tea and take delivery of pins from AliExpress; I’m kind of addicted to buying pins right now. Go figure.

The first white rose of the year survived a day or two in that little blue vase on my bathroom sink, but soon withered. Summer seems to have arrived and I’m not sure I love it. The cat has been loving to cool off in the sink. When there’s still water on the bottom. Go figure.

I tried to take a picture each hour for an entire day, but only managed the first one as soon as I got up in the morning. When it comes to blog projects I’m a quitter, it seems. Got a couple of liquid soaps from the Body Shop because this summer will request more showers and at least I can make them deliciously scented. This morning the whole bathroom smelled of grapefruit. Cheap joys.

I took this “shellfie” a couple of weeks ago (I think?) because I changed the stuff on it and for once it looks cute, but uncluttered. The peperomia and the string of hearts are stretching away and it makes me happy to see. Soon they’ll need bigger pots, but I’m making the most of their infancy like mothers enchanted by every little thing their child does, the tiny size of their hands and ears, the smallness of their world reminding us of a time when things used to be simple, and simple was enough.

There is endless beauty in the smallest of things and this never, ever ceases to amaze me.

I have seen your face a million times before, it’s painted in my mind, it’s painted on the walls, I’m driving on the road, I’m driving to a party, the ones you never go to, they play my favourite song all night” (favorite song – pizza girl)

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