In the conservatory.

I love when my tiny cactus blossoms with flowers. So many (but only a couple at a time), and no pixel could do that colour justice. I really must repot that little guy into a bigger container; I wonder if it’ll produce more flowers or the extra space/nourishment will allow them to flourish all at once.

The crassula (third pic) also blossomed for the first time in its lifetime. The flowers are white with delicate pointy petals, like tiny stars. I bought another ivy since I’m a prolific killer of them. At this point I’m seeing them as temporary, almost like cut flowers in a vase. They’ll last until they don’t want to anymore. And then I’ll replace them. Life goes on (mine, not theirs).

I don’t know the name of that banana-like succulent but goodness it GREW. I remember the first picture I took of it, it was TINY. Comfortably sat within the limits of the palm of my hand. The oldest heuchera now lives in the brown urn but will need to be transplanted soon. Unfortunately, I can only keep them outside if planted on the ground; if I leave them in pots the weevils have their roots for dinner. Pots are for indoors only, but the plants are never really happy this way.

I’m also in two minds about the acers. I’ve read that they cannot be kept inside, but the conservatory is cold enough in the winter to allow them to hibernate. Perhaps not enough light in the summer, though? For now they look moderately happy, even though the big acer seems a bit spindly. Perhaps I’ll pop them into bigger pots to keep outside?

Meanwhile, the cat surveys his domain. Cats really love this space in the summer.

And summer is just around the corner. Or already here, if you consider 1st of June the beginning of it. For a couple of weeks the weather has been clement – for me it means cool, cloudy and a bit wet. Some proper rain too, which was nice to see and the trees loved it. And so did I. Any excuse for having days dark enough to light candles in the afternoon, read magazines and drink tea is good for me (listening to raindrops on the roof is a bonus).

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