Disappointing feedings.

Sometimes you have to accept that a restaurant you really enjoyed going to isn’t really that good (anymore? never was?). Went to Wagamama at Finchley Road and the staff was hopeless. They took ages to seat us (when there were plenty empty tables, they were just not clearing them up), got our food order wrong, the bao buns were hastily made and dried up, the food portions were small and the dessert I used to love (the banana katsu) is now nothing but three small bits of fried fruit + a scoop of ice cream. And they only brought us one (we had ordered two). I think it’s going to be a long time until I go back – if ever.

To make myself feel better I swung by at Lanka and ordered a couple of sweets to take home. I didn’t eat the macaroon, but the pear tart was a bit on the dry side and detaching from the (very hard and tasteless) bottom. Oh well. Not a great day on the eating department for me.

On the other hand the japanese “honey” sweet potatoes I bought from the japanese grocer store near Lanka were a hit. So delicious! Too bad it cost almost a fiver for a small bag with four potatoes.

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