When I think about this life with you.

Saved a tiny geranium cut from the compost bin and it’s thriving. The joy it brings me. ♥ Saved a few branches from a pruning session and decided to put them into vases; the small variegated leaves are making a few corners of my home look prettier. In the meantime we drink Fortnum and Mason tea and take delivery of pins from AliExpress; I’m kind of addicted to buying pins right now. Go figure.

The first white rose of the year survived a day or two in that little blue vase on my bathroom sink, but soon withered. Summer seems to have arrived and I’m not sure I love it. The cat has been loving to cool off in the sink. When there’s still water on the bottom. Go figure.

I tried to take a picture each hour for an entire day, but only managed the first one as soon as I got up in the morning. When it comes to blog projects I’m a quitter, it seems. Got a couple of liquid soaps from the Body Shop because this summer will request more showers and at least I can make them deliciously scented. This morning the whole bathroom smelled of grapefruit. Cheap joys.

I took this “shellfie” a couple of weeks ago (I think?) because I changed the stuff on it and for once it looks cute, but uncluttered. The peperomia and the string of hearts are stretching away and it makes me happy to see. Soon they’ll need bigger pots, but I’m making the most of their infancy like mothers enchanted by every little thing their child does, the tiny size of their hands and ears, the smallness of their world reminding us of a time when things used to be simple, and simple was enough.

There is endless beauty in the smallest of things and this never, ever ceases to amaze me.

I have seen your face a million times before, it’s painted in my mind, it’s painted on the walls, I’m driving on the road, I’m driving to a party, the ones you never go to, they play my favourite song all night” (favorite song – pizza girl)

Cats, food and plants.

Three of my main interests. ♥  Pleased to report the string of hearts seem to be perking up nicely!

It’s been a while since I last had an orange. Ages, really. I’m not much of a fruit person, but obviously something came over me this summer. I even bought peaches instead of cookies the other day. That supermarket bought sushi isn’t the best ever but it satisfied a craving and I’m happy.

In the conservatory.

I love when my tiny cactus blossoms with flowers. So many (but only a couple at a time), and no pixel could do that colour justice. I really must repot that little guy into a bigger container; I wonder if it’ll produce more flowers or the extra space/nourishment will allow them to flourish all at once.

The crassula (third pic) also blossomed for the first time in its lifetime. The flowers are white with delicate pointy petals, like tiny stars. I bought another ivy since I’m a prolific killer of them. At this point I’m seeing them as temporary, almost like cut flowers in a vase. They’ll last until they don’t want to anymore. And then I’ll replace them. Life goes on (mine, not theirs).

I don’t know the name of that banana-like succulent but goodness it GREW. I remember the first picture I took of it, it was TINY. Comfortably sat within the limits of the palm of my hand. The oldest heuchera now lives in the brown urn but will need to be transplanted soon. Unfortunately, I can only keep them outside if planted on the ground; if I leave them in pots the weevils have their roots for dinner. Pots are for indoors only, but the plants are never really happy this way.

I’m also in two minds about the acers. I’ve read that they cannot be kept inside, but the conservatory is cold enough in the winter to allow them to hibernate. Perhaps not enough light in the summer, though? For now they look moderately happy, even though the big acer seems a bit spindly. Perhaps I’ll pop them into bigger pots to keep outside?

Meanwhile, the cat surveys his domain. Cats really love this space in the summer.

And summer is just around the corner. Or already here, if you consider 1st of June the beginning of it. For a couple of weeks the weather has been clement – for me it means cool, cloudy and a bit wet. Some proper rain too, which was nice to see and the trees loved it. And so did I. Any excuse for having days dark enough to light candles in the afternoon, read magazines and drink tea is good for me (listening to raindrops on the roof is a bonus).


Last picture of the queen of succulents before being overthrown. A few losses on the battle, but her reign has been reinstated and she is safe. For now.

From a (small) distance, though, the usurper watches.

“Until next time”, he whispers darkly. And falls asleep.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Small pause on our wanderings yesterday to admire St Paul’s cathedral from the inside. On sunday afternoons there is no tourism and part of the church remains open all day for visitation, free of charge. There are religious services you can attend but on these occasions you’re not allowed to use your camera. 

I felt tempted to stay for the evensong, but had another appointment in a different part of town and had to rush. Maybe next time? I still want to go on a paid visit so I can have a look at the memorials for famous people buried there, including Admiral Nelson and Sir Christopher Wren (who designed the church).

Dim Sum Sundays

In a city with such a huge offer of cuisines and new amazing places opening every week it sometimes may seem foolish to eat at chain restaurants; but I do like some Ping Pong every now and then. Food is flavoursome and nicely presented (I love their char siu buns, the chicken rice pot and the pork puffs), their service is friendly and on sundays you get a great deal: unlimited dim sums from the menu with a bottle of prosecco.

My favourite branch is located in the heart of the city, just a few steps from the magnificent St Pauls Cathedral; if you turn the corner you’re immediately blessed with that stunning view of the church dome rising from behind the sheets of glass at one new change building – old and new complementing each other. And if you fancy dessert you can always pop to Bea’s of Bloomsbury for one (or maybe two?) of their lovely blondies our cupcakes and a cup of tea. The perfect sunday afternoon sorted.

Disappointing feedings.

Sometimes you have to accept that a restaurant you really enjoyed going to isn’t really that good (anymore? never was?). Went to Wagamama at Finchley Road and the staff was hopeless. They took ages to seat us (when there were plenty empty tables, they were just not clearing them up), got our food order wrong, the bao buns were hastily made and dried up, the food portions were small and the dessert I used to love (the banana katsu) is now nothing but three small bits of fried fruit + a scoop of ice cream. And they only brought us one (we had ordered two). I think it’s going to be a long time until I go back – if ever.

To make myself feel better I swung by at Lanka and ordered a couple of sweets to take home. I didn’t eat the macaroon, but the pear tart was a bit on the dry side and detaching from the (very hard and tasteless) bottom. Oh well. Not a great day on the eating department for me.

On the other hand the japanese “honey” sweet potatoes I bought from the japanese grocer store near Lanka were a hit. So delicious! Too bad it cost almost a fiver for a small bag with four potatoes.

Rain or shine.

From blue skies to the sky literally falling in five minutes. We sought refuge inside a cute little café (tired of chains, really, especially in places like Hackney where the offer of independent shops is so vast) just for a cuppa brew until the rain stopped – ended up ordering food and staying a couple of hours chatting away, way past the moment when the sun started to peek from behind clouds again. We posed for each other in front of live walls and huge grafitti murals, sat in the park with iced lattes and talked some more.

Sunday Scenes.

I fell in love with the gangsta angels, but they really don’t fit with my minimalist home aesthetics. Off to somewhere in Essex for a picnic – the park had deers! – then back home in time to enjoy the conservatory (the mini cactus is in bloom again), make a big batch of cheese bread and sit back with a bottle of prosecco. Tomorrow is another week that’s bound to be busy af, but I feel recharged. Bring it on.

Hello June

First day of June, a sunny saturday, the colourful buildings on the streets of Kentish Town, pizza for breakfast, sushi for lunch and a pub dinner afterwards.

I hope the rest of the month goes as smoothly and beautiful as today.