Welcome Home, Xuxa.

Named like that because it’s an MG (as in Maria da Graça, lol) and she used to be the love of a racing driver. Lol. A quick stop at Silverstone to buy racing gear, a very long drive there (traffic was hellish, we didn’t even have time to eat) and here she is, at home with her sisters. Looking forward to many little adventures ahead!

Queen’s Wood

Lovely little houses around Queen’s wood in Highgate. How fortunate to be able to live in such a beautiful and peaceful corner of the city. During my stay in the woods I saw no one apart from a lady walking two dogs, silence broken only by the wind ruffling the leaves and the occasional noisy bird. Delightful. That little blue house looks unreal, and wooden gates left open seem to invite you in; I almost obliged.

And look at that E. Scissorhands shop sign. It’s actually a hairdresser and I half expect to be greeted by a goth guy with scissors for hands to give me an avant-garde haircut. Can you imagine? Take my money.