A feeling that you have that could change your life.


Besides boring work commitments, my Thursday included a somewhat failed trip to Selfridges to buy something they didn’t have (and I had one of the worst coffees ever at Lola’s cupcakes, but I did look at pretty books and expensive decor and used their toilets – always so clean). 

Fell in love with jelly sandals at F21, had iced tea at Yumchaa and walked around empty streets due to the climate change protesters blocking Oxford Street and Regent Street. Lots of big words being shouted from megaphones and people smelling a bit. Shops were still full, though; the consumerist machine is ON and well oiled and perhaps more than big words are needed. 

Or do we really need anything at all? Then I felt a bit sick and rushed home for a healing glass of pinot grigio.

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