This and that.

couldn’t stand that armchair’s brown legs any longer, so started my day by opening a can of eggshell and getting at it. after a couple of layers (and a couple of screams to get the cat out of the paint pot) i walked into the garden to admire my forsythia – the only thing that seems to be thriving at the moment. got strawberry ribena at asda and it’s my favourite drink of the week.

now would you look at this spring day? glorious. i took myself to lunch (a delicious slice of aubergine pizza + great coffee) then browsed the shops looking for lace and adhesive tape, but instead I fell in love with a sofa at the charity shop (didn’t buy, though; i have NO space for anything else), got toiletries at home bargains (including the “humble” pack of tissues above; lol, what could it be proud about? no clue) and that elusive black barbie at the huge new toyshop in town. black, plus sized barbie with a 4C hair? yes. ♥

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